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We put chili oil in everything. We add it to dimsum, to steak, to steamed veggies, to avocado toast, to fresh poke, to cup-o-noodles. We've purchased and used a different brand but always complained about how the flavor and the crunchy garlic bits just doesn't hit the spot - so we decided to make our own.

You can say this was our pandemic "pivot" project. It was a tough 2020 for us too, like many other business owners. So we decided, with baby steps, embark on this adventure, also because our product is just soooo goood. We shared our prototype to friends and family, and after receiving great feedback, we can't wait to share it with you!

We are a husband-wife team selling bottled chili oil made from natural spices and ingredients, that are cooked, assembled and shipped from Maui, Hawaii. He is the genius behind the recipe and product development, she is the marketing and back-end support.

Please share with us where and how you'll be using the Maui Chili Chili Oil and how much joy joy it brings to your food items! We'd love to see and hear your photos and stories!

Always always,

Deron and Kit
Deron & Kit Furukawa

Curious how your chili oil was made? We use a commissary kitchen in Kahului, Maui and do all the prep, cooking, labelling, shipping ourselves! It's a lot of work but we enjoy the hustle, especially when our customers cheer us on with great reviews! We created this video to show some behind-the-scenes, and to inspire future business owners. 

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