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    • April 27, 2024: Good Morning America for Aloha Market NYC Powered by Mana Up x Shopify


    Interested in the Maui Chili Chili Oil Egg Sando recipe?

    Yield:2 cups (good for 12-count roll Kings Hawaiian Bread)
    • 8 large hard-boiled eggs, peeled
    • ½ cup Kewpie mayonnaise or your favorite brand
    • ½ teaspoon kosher salt (such as Diamond Crystal), plus more to taste
    • Lettuce of choice
    • King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (toasted or plain)
    • Maui Chili Chili Oil - amount desired. It will be spicier the more you add.
    Instructions: Smash eggs, then mix with mayo, salt in bowl to desired consistency then add in Maui Chili Chili Oil to desired taste. Put on halved King's Hawaiian Rolls with lettuce. That's it - enjoy! 

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            Maui Chili Chili Oil was a pandemic project for owners Deron and Kit Furukawa. Now, it is sold in stores across Hawaiʻi and online.




    • Nov. 20, 2023 - Honolulu Magazine Editors’ Picks: Holiday Gift Guide 2023
      A book of lei, a mini pottery wheel, island-inspired swaddle blankets and locally made chili oil—here’s what’s on our editors’ gift lists.
    Maui Chili Chili Oil Ramen

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    Maui Chili Chili Oil

    • Nov. 17, 2021 - It's Chili Chili In Hawaii - Think Tech Hawaii: Interview with Deron and Kit Furukawa, owners behind Maui Chili Chili Oil